Flex Flag Football

Updated Sunday June 17, 2018 by Christine Pulsifer.

Flex Flag, or "Flex Football" is a variation of flag football that provides young players a "bridge" from traditional flag football to tackle football.

The Basics:

  • 9 on 9 play
  • Traditional first downs
  • Limited contact
  • Players are introduced to blocking
  • No shoulder blocking
  • No tackling
  • Players wear flags, just like traditional flag football
  • Players wear soft-shell helmets and soft-shell shoulder pads

Flex football is growing in popularity in Central Massachusetts .  We will be offering flex football at the 2nd/3rd grade level this coming season.   All Flex protective equipment, including soft shell helmet made with high-impact EVA foam, lightweight softshell shoulder pads, jersey and flags will be provided by NSYFCA this season. 

Here is a quick look into Flex Football https://vimeo.com/233674571