Banquet Survey and Responses

Updated Wednesday December 20, 2017 by Christine Pulsifer.

T-Hawks Family,

Thank you all for attending our banquet this year.    Despite the snow, I think the kids had a fun evening.    The BOD would appreciate if you could take this quick survey about the banquet, so that it could help us plan the one for next year.
Please click on this link to complete the survey:
If you have any questions or would like to provide additional feedback not covered in this survey, please feel free to email me.
Below please find responses to some comments, questions, and concerns.
When should the banquet be held?    We have held the banquet in the last few years on a Sunday morning and did brunch.    We changed it this year because many families complained that in interfered with Travel Basketball.
Why didn't we cancel because of the snow?   Unless the facility cancels we can't cancel otherwise we would still have to pay full cost.  The league can't afford to pay full cost and offer everyone a refund.   The amount we charge per ticket, usually covers 80% of the meal.  The league pays all additional cost associated.   If we had to pay the facility and offer a refund, the registration price next year would go up and we would have to cut back on replacing equipment and uniforms.   We do our best to keep pricing to a minimum.
Why wasn't the bar in the function room open?   The BOD discussed this numerous times on what we should do.  In the end, we thought that this was an event for our children that the bar open was not appropriate.    
Food:  The food did seem to be a clear dislike from everyone.    Since we were at the Hudson Portuguese Club we are not allowed to use an outside caterer.   The food was also cooked in a Portuguese sauce.    If we decide to stay at this facility we will request a change of menu.
Cheer Team equally represented:   We did not have a Cheer speaker this year because the coach and a player were unavailable.  The VP of Football is responsible for getting football speakers and the VP of Cheer is responsible for getting cheer speakers.     The league did ask for pictures of cheerleaders, but very few were submitted.   If a cheer parent wants to compile vidoe footage and submit it to the BOD for the banquet, we would happily show it.   
Div 12 not being there:    Division 12 had 9 girls on the team this year.  Most of those girls cheer for gyms (Bay Path, Spirit Central, etc.) during the season and also the off season.   On the night of the banquet there was a large cheer competition in Worcester that most of those girls atteded.
Something for the kids to do:   This year we added on an activity area for the kids because we know they are only entertained for so long.    Next year we can look into adding more (maybe games).   We need to keep things to quiet activities because we don't want to disturb speakers and awards.
Price going up:   The leauge does try to keep cost to a minimum and we don't charge more than we have to.