The new BOD

Updated Thursday December 28, 2017 by Christine Pulsifer.

Elections were held on December 21st.   Board positions run a full calendar year (Jan 1st - Dec 31st).  Below are the results:


President:   Gary Maggiolino

Vice President of Football:  Doug Pulsifer

Vice President of Cheer:  Ashley Mulkey

Vice President of Internal Administration (game day operation and volunteers):   Remains Open

Vice President of External Administration (fundraising and donations):   Remains Open

Treasurer:  Keith Martinek

Director of Operations & Registrar:   Christine Pulsifer

Director of Marketing:    Kerri Martinek

Secretary:    Kristine Fralliccardi

Parent Liason:    Jason Henson

If you are interested in one of the opening position please email


We would also like to thank Terri Valentine, Leighann Dreyer, Tracy DeNorscia, and Shannon McDonald for all that they have done for our BOD and league.    You have all put in a great amount of time and effort and we wouldn't be where we are today without all of you.