Outstanding Equipment and Unifroms

Updated Friday December 22, 2017 by Christine Pulsifer.

Did you miss both return nights?  If you do not return your equipment or make arrangments to return your equipment then you will be charged full cost for all items borrowed.


What to return:

Football:    Guardian (red helmet protector), shoulder pads, helmet, chin strap (if borrowed), practice uniform (jersey & maroon pants), game uniform (maroon jersey, white jersey, gold pants), black belts, knee pads (if borrowed along with hip and thigh)

A $25 fee will be charged for any article of clothing returned dirty.   Please make sure all items are returned cleaned.

Cheer:   Bag, Uniform (Div 10:  skirt, vest, sleeves, pants, jacket, bloomers, Div 12/14:   long sleeve shirt and bottoms), pom poms

*** Div 14 -- another date will be arranged for you to return your items if you cannot make this date