Nashoba Youth Football Coach needs our help

Updated Wednesday October 25, 2017 by Christine Pulsifer.

This past weekend our 5th grade team played Nashoba.   Little did we know that a Nashoba coach (John Snoonian) is in desperate need of finding a paired or direct kidney match.  In a conversation after the game we discovered this and wanted to know how we could help.  All Nashoba asked is if we could share Coach John's message    Please take a few minutes to watch the below video and share the post.




Please help Nashoba Youth Football and Cheer find a living kidney donor to save their coach, friend, husband and father, John Snoonian. Visit for more information. If you're type O blood, and want to learn more about being a direct donor for John, please call the UMass transplant clinic at 508-334-1269 option 4 and mention that you'd like to learn more about being a direct donor for John Snoonian.