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Updated Monday September 18, 2017 by NSYFCA.

Thank you for taking our surveys!

We know that your time is valuable, so we really appreciate you taking the time to complete our online survey.  We are excited to hear your comments and ideas and we will use your feedback to make our program even better.


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Answers to your comments, questions, or concerns:

Practice starting at the beginning of August:    All the leagues in Central Mass can begin practicing the first week of August.   We know that this cuts into the summer, but unlike other sports we have to teach each child the fundamentals of the games and safety.   The first 10 hours (5 nights of practices) of practice for Football Players is no contact and acclimating the players to wear all the gear.    Once the 10 hours is complete the coaches need time to then teach players the correct way to tackle, running plays, etc.    Coaches understand that parents go on vacation and try to be accommodating.     In August, the most important dates to be there would be the first week and the date of the jamboree (traditionally the 3rd weekend in August).

Why all the paperwork?:    Our league is part of the Central Mass Youth Football and Cheer Conference (CMYFCC) which is affiliated with American Youth Football (AYF) League.   AYF is the world's largest youth football and cheer league.    Being part of this conference/league requires us to follow certain policies and procedures for insurance purposes.   

  • Birth Certificates:  1st time participants are required to submit a Birth Certificate with a raised seal to show proof of age.     
  • Player Packet:   AYF forms that are needed to play
  • Physical/Medical:   All participants should be medically cleared by a doctor to play any sport.
  • Report Card:   Academics should be the # 1 priority to our players.  Students that are not meeting academic benchmarks cannot participate in our program.
  • NSYFCA Forms (General Info for Players & Parent Code of Conduct):  Our league has expectations of our players and families and we wanted to be clear on how our league operates.

Pizza Party Date:   In the past the family pizza party has traditionally been the first Thursday practice of the season.   This year we wanted to try something new and pushed the date to be able to include the Flag Families (Flag program did not official start until 3rd week of the season).   We wanted to be inclusive of all teams and last year the flag families were left out.    We did our best to promote the date of the pizza party through the "Welcome to Football/Cheer" flyer, coaches, team parents, si play app, and our website.   We will look into new advertising ideas to make sure the date is clear for next year.

Game Schedule:   Thank you for being patient while Central Mass works on finalizing the schedule.   In the past the schedule has been released to our organization much sooner, but with the new divisional alignment and new towns adding to our league it took longer than anticipated.   

Jamboree:    Next year we will create a Jamboree page on the website and have more details about what it entails.    Each year a different organization host the Jamboree as a league fundraiser.    We hosted the jamboree about 4 years ago at Algonquin.  It is a large undertaking and requires full parent support and participation.   

Why do we have to practice at Melican and not a more central location between Northboro and Southboro?      Our league would need to find a location that could not only allow 7 football teams and 3 cheer teams to have plenty of space, but it would also require that space to allow our storage sheds with equipment.   The league also factors in rental cost and Melican is the most affordable place that can accommodate our needs.   During August we rent the space for 4 nights a week and once school begins our rental agreement covers up to 3 nights a week and Saturday mornings.   Melican Middle School and the Northborough Recreation Department has been the only space that could accommodate our large league.   

Multiple Communication Platforms:    Our league has tried to put communicating with parents as a top priority.   We communicate through our Website, League Emails, Coach Emails, Team Parent Emails, Facebook, and the new SI Play App.   We know that this may be over kill, but each person looks at a different platform and we want to make sure we are clearly getting the information out.