Equipment Handout

June 19th

Updated Monday June 4, 2018 by NSYFCA.

Save the Date:

Equipment Handout and Paperwork Turn In

Mark your calendars to pick up your equipment.   During this time, we will fit your athlete with a helmet, shoulder pads, practice attire, and game attire.   Members of our coaching staff and board of directors will be availble to answer your questions and welcome you to the T-Hawk Family.  

June 19th


Algonquin Cafeteria

As you arrive you will be required to check in with our Registrar to pass in the required player forms.  You will then proceed to get fitted for equipment, pick up your calendar raffle packet, and check out.   Please note that game jerseys will be handed out during the second week of August and not on this night.

If you are unable to attend please contact Doug Pulsifer (