Updated Wednesday August 9, 2017 by Gary Maggiolino.

Each Coordinator position is guided by a Vice President, as noted below. We have several open positions this season. It’s a great way to get involved as a parent or friend of football, and it covers your required volunteer hours for the season. Job training is available, so don’t be afraid to step up!


Guiding VP Position Title *  Volunteer Name
VP External Operations Apparel Coordinator Jen Maggiolino
VP Cheer Cheer Equipment Coordinator OPEN
VP Cheer Cheer Safety, Training & Education Coordinator OPEN
VP Internal Operations Concessions Coordinator Tracey Denorscia
VP Football Football Equipment Coordinator Gary Pemberton
VP Football Football Field Operations Coordinator Brian Laprade
VP Football Football Safety, Training & Education Coordinator Brian Morgan
VP External Operations Fundraising Coordinator Kristine Frallicciardi
VP Internal Operations Game Day Coordinator OPEN
VP External Operations Special Events Coordinator Terri Valentine
VP Internal Operations Volunteer Coordinator Jackie Coleburn
VP Internal Operations Website Coordinator Gary Maggiolino


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Game Day Coordinator 
Game Day Coordinator is responsible for all facets of HOME game day preparation.  This person would need to arrive early to unlock the gate, concession stand, bathrooms, and rear shed, and other tasks necessary to prepare for home games, including setting up the field with field markers, chains and upright pads. At the end of the day, this person is responsible for the reverse of those setup duties as well, including cleanup, although not without help! 

Volunteer Coordinator
Now with the new "Sign-Up Genius" software, the Volunteer Coordinator position is easier than ever!  While he or she would still be responsible for ensuring all volunteer shifts are covered each week, the software provides an easy avenue for volunteers to sign up for open shifts.  The coordinator would communicate instructions and reminders each week to those volunteers scheduled to work in various positions.  Each week they would collect and keep a record of volunteer hours as reported by each Team Parent after each game and then report on volunteer hours to the Vice President of Internal Administration.

Fundraiser Coordinator 
Though new ideas are always welcomed and encouraged, our main fundraiser – the calendar raffle – almost runs itself!  However, we still need someone to get the raffle cards printed, distribute them to parents, collect the money, and then take responsibility for drawing names and notifying the Website Coordinator of the daily winners in October.

Apparel Coordinator
The Apparel Coordinator position is one that beckons an organized person with an eye for what sells, as well as good business sense! This person would work with the Vice President of External Administration to determine what will be made available for sale, and if an inventory would be pre-purchased.  He or she would communicate instructions to those volunteers scheduled to work the Apparel table at home games, and would be responsible for setting up the table at the beginning of the day, and taking it down at the end.  They would work with the apparel distributor to place and receive orders, and then coordinate the distribution of those items to the purchasers.  

Football Field Operations Coordinator 
This is a very time-flexible position!  The Football Field Operations Coordinator ensures that fields are available and reserved for practices and games.  They ensure that practice fields are set up and lines are painted, and coordinate any repairs that may be needed. 

Football Equipment Coordinator
Receives training on properly fitting players with equipment, and ensures all equipment fits properly and is in good working order. Responsible for equipment inventory and maintenance including helmet reconditioning, shoulder pad repair and uniform repair.  Organizes equipment distribution and collection.

Special Events Coordinator 
Organizes the annual End of Season Banquet, and plans other special events, such as the family pizza party in August.  Another very time-flexible position!