About Football

Updated Saturday April 1, 2017 by Gary Maggiolino.

The lessons and values being instilled through youth football and cheer will last a lifetime – lessons like hard work, discipline, commitment, and team work.  These are the vital character traits we are trying to engrave in the players and cheerleaders that come through our program.

Football is truly a team sport, for both boys and girls. Through the course of a season you can really see the kids begin to operate as a team. The complexities of football also make it very interesting for the kids. After a play is called in the huddle, they must understand the play, understand what they need to do in their position on that play, line up in the proper position, ensure that they know the snap count and “go” at the proper moment, and finally, execute their responsibility on that play.

The reason to start playing now is not to become a professional athlete, it’s because it’s fun, it physically conditions your son, and it builds a sense of teamwork and responsibility that will carry over to other sports, and help your child throughout school and life.

Finally, unlike many other sports, Northborough and Southborough are not rivals in football. Your child will meet and become friends with people in the partnering town. When your child goes to high school, he won’t be in classes with rivals, he’ll be in class with friends and teammates.


Grade Age Range
K - 1st 5  to  6
2nd - 3rd 7  to  9
4th 8  to 10
5th 9   to  11
6th 10  to  12
7th 11  to  13
8th 12  to  14


With any sport, there is always a risk of injury.  While we are pleased to announce that there were no reported concussions in the 2016 season, we continue to diligently pursue the latest safety best practices in football. We are committed to ensuring our coaches are always up to date on the safest way to provide a great experience for the athletes, and that the program is providing the best, and safest, equipment available.  Our coaches attend numerous clinics where they are trained on the safest blocking and tackling techniques.