Board of Directors

Updated Sunday March 19, 2017 by Gary Maggiolino.

"My love of coaching youth athletics and watching these young athletes and cheerleaders grow has led me to become involved in our program and our community. I’m excited for the growth of our program, not just players and cheerleaders, but in the increasingly growing support of our engaged parents, families, and friends of the program."

                                                          -- Gary Maggiolino, Board President and NSYFCA coach


Meet Our Executive Board of Directors

  President Gary Maggiolino
  Treasurer Keith Martinek
  Registrar Terri Valentine
  VP Football Operations Doug Pulsifer
  VP Cheering Operations Leighann Dreyer
  VP External Administration Ashley Mulkey
  VP Internal Administration Shannon McDonald
  Executive Cheer Coordinator Nikki Morrissey
  Secretary Tracey DeNorscia
  Parent Liaison Jason Henson
  Director of Operations Christine Pulsifer
  Director of Marketing Communications Kerri Martinek


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